Singing Competition

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At Professor Marcus Cabeca's school we occasionally host singing competitions. Music is one aspect for students to train and display their talents and we like to give our students the opportunity to showcase their musical talent.

The singing competition is usually run alongside a weekend of Capoeira workshops.

Prior to the competition to help you prepare, you'll have the chance to take a singing lesson with a professional singer. This will be a great opportunity to build your confidence and help you with tips and techniques for how best sing while you practice for the competition.

The competition itself will be judged by teachers who will take into account things like your rhythm, your interpretation (your passion!), your pronunciation and of course if you are in tune! You will not have to play any instruments, all you will need to do is stand next to the bateria and sing.

Once the all the judges have compared their scores, the winners will be announced. There will be trophies/medals for the winner and the runners up, so you better start preparing your songs now!

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