Summer Camp 2017

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It is a weekend where we all go away as a school/group. We find a sandy beach and spend time, training, playing music, chatting, laughing, socialising ... It is also a time parents, partners and families can enjoy together with their capoeirista relatives, discovering more about their passion and joining our growing community (ALL WELCOME).

The plan is to leave London on Friday evening for a seaside resort (Ca. 1h30 to 2h30 drive) like Camber sands, Bournemouth, Poole etc (destination to be confirmed). We will stay in a park resort where bungalows and caravans are available for about 4-6 persons each (self-catering).

The weekend is then packed full of fun outdoor capoeira activities (bonfire night with capoeira games, beach training, music...) while family members are free to enjoy the beach and organise their own time or join in capoeira activities.

Watch this space for information about SUMMER CAMP 2017!

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