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Build your own Capoeira instrument and learn how to play it!

With Contramestre Marcus Cabeça's Make Your Own Berimbau Workshop (MYOB) you can learn how to build your very own Berimbau!

A Berimbau is a single stringed instrument of African origin that's sometimes regarded as a "musical bow." The Berimbau (the soul of capoeira) leads the capoeiristas movement in the roda. It brings Capoeira together and gives it rhythm and energy. The instrument plays an important role in Capoeira and is given the utmost respect.

In the workshop you will be provided with all the tools and materials necessary to build a Berimbau and you will be guided step-by-step to build the instrument. Once your Berimbau is constructed, Contramestre Marcus Cabeça will teach a "music after class" where you can learn the theory, terminology and techniques as well as a few basic Berimbau rhythms to get you started.

Contramestre Marcus Cabeça has been running the MYOB workshop for a number of years and they have been throughly enjoyed by his students. He has also brought the workshop to those outside of his Capoeira school through running a workshop with a homeless community.

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