Solta o Jogo - 2023

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Judges & Guests

Solta o Jogo 2023

Mestre Ousado

Mestre Ousado - Lunda Brasil Capoeira - is a Buluarte of UK's Capoeira community and a well-known Master with over 50yrs in Capoeira. M Ousado has a lot of experience on being a competitor as well as being part of competitions such as Wolrd Capoeira Tournament.

Solta o Jogo 2023

Mestre Chitaozinho

Mestre Chitãozinho - Negaça Capoeira - is a writer and a philosopher with 8 published books. He is also the Founder and Mentor of Cultural Center Brincar Capoeira which runs a project offering weekly Education, Capoeira and Food to Youn People in Brazil. He is a respected and well-known Master in the community.

Solta o Jogo 2023

Mestre Julio Sanhaço

Mestre Julio Sanhaço - Senzala Capoeira - is an experienced Master based in London and student of Mestre Peixinho. Mestre Sanhaço lead Capoeira classes in London for over 19yrs and is a respected and well-known Master in the community.

Solta o Jogo 2023

Mastre Fantasma

Mastre Fantasma graduated with Senzala as a professor and recognised as a mestre in Capoeira Angola. First saw capoeira and became interested in 1986 - still active at 59 years old.

Solta o Jogo 2023

Mestre Macumba

Mestre Macumba lives in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. Founding President of the Capoeira Reversao group

Solta o Jogo 2023

Mestre Poncianinho

Born and raised in Guaratinguetá, Brasil, Mestre Poncianinho started capoeira in a family of capoeira masters, in 2000 he moved to the UK to perform in capoeira shows and start his School.

Mestre Poncianinho will be leading the Bateria with his talented students on both days of our competition.

Solta o Jogo 2023

ContraMestre Ratinho

Practising Capoeira for 23yrs, teaching for 17yrs, CM Ratinho sees himself as an Artist and an Educator. His expertise are on crafting Capoeira Material and Kids Classes.

Solta o Jogo 2023

Monitor Macaco

Monitor Macaco has been training capoeira for +16 years, starting his journey in Gran Canaria with Mestre Jo Capoeira. After his passing in 2010 Macaco trained with various other people maintaining his original capoeira contemporanea style and graduating as Monitor in 2019. By 2020 he started his regular classes in Manchester and has been continuing his Master's legacy.

Solta o Jogo 2023

ContraMestre Bombril

ContraMestre Bombril - Muzenza Capoeira - is an experienced Professional and well known in the community and will be one of the Judges during our weekend of competition in Kingston Upon Thames/London on 4th & 5th of November

Dates & Venue

Solta o Jogo 2023

Kingston University Town House (KT1 2EE) - View map

Saturday, 04 November 2023
Sunday, 05 November 2023

Structure of the competition

  • It is a Collective Competition, meaning capoeira groups/schools willing to participate must make teams of 3 (trios)
  • The competition will be judged by a panel of Mestres from the wider Capoeira Community in the UK and Europe
  • Competition will be divided by categories: Kids; Adults; Absolute (Graduados(as) to Professores(as))
  • The break down of each categories and its subcategories is in provided below
  • Roda size is 4 meters of diameter
  • Panel of 8 Mestres & Mestras will be judging the competition
  • Each category/subcategory will have 8 teams competing
  • Round 1 & round 2 all teams will compete
  • Semi-finals only 4 teams will compete
  • Final only 2 teams will compete
  • Kids & adults categories & subcategories will compete for 2.5 minutes (two and a half) on every round of competition
  • Absolute Category participants will compete for 3 minutes on every round of competition

PS - in the Beginners & Intermediate category the teams (made by 3 people) at least 1 MUST BE A BEGINNER

As long as the 3 members of the team are within the titles described, the team can be made up as the participants wish. Example: 3 Graduadas; 1 Professor + 1 Instrutor + 1 Graduada, etc.


The style game used during the competition will be exclusively Sao Bento Grande de Angola in a cadenced rhythm. The Name of the event demonstrates what we will be incentivising all competitors - Soltar o Jogo (release the game). A game that flows well and prioritises a clean game of Capoeira, without the use of violence, force or any attitude/behaviour that jeopardises the Joy of the event or the safety of competitors.

Three judges will be seating in the roda, one on each part of the roda. 1 referee will be in the middle of the roda making sure competitors are following the rules.

If a competitor breaks any rules, the game will be stopped by the referee, the team will be warned.
If the team breaks the rule a second time, the game will be stopped by the referee and the team will lose 5 points straight away and the team notified for not repeating the mistake.
If the rule is broken a third time team will be disqualified.

Support for the competition

Competition Registration

The deadline for registration is 1st November 2023.

Registration fee is £40 / €45
Early bird fee of £30 / €35 (if registered before 30 September)

Fees are per team member

Register for the competition

Spaces remaining

Kids Beginners/Intermediates
5 Team spaces remaining
Kids Advanced
4 Team spaces remaining
Adults Beginners/Intermediates
3 Team spaces remaining
Adults Advanced
5 Team spaces remaining
3 Team spaces remaining

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