Association QMC School of Capoeira - UK

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Association QMC School of Capoeira is a not-for-profit arm of our school that works within the community using Capoeira as a medium to foster behavior change.

Capoeira was formed in the 16th century by enslaved African-Brazilians who used the art to fight for freedom (pretending they were dancing to be able to practice it in the sugar cane farms). After scaping the sugar-cane farms, Capoeira was used to protect their "Kilombos" (home in Yoruba) which were the settlements created by them. From the Quilombos (the spelling from the Brazilian Portuguese Language) Capoeira spread to all levels of Brazilian Society becoming an Art Form (sport, culture, social education) recognized by UNESCO as "Intangible Cultural Heritage". Quilombos in Brazil were not only formed by African descendants, but also by white Europeans and native Brazilians who together were fighting oppression.

Feedback from our members say it elevate their spirits, whilst improving their fitness levels and mental well-being.

Association QMC School of Capoeira was developed in 2009 by Contra- Mestre Marcus Cabeca, who uses his experience in life coaching to work with local communities by providing opportunities for self-development. The Association has previously partnered with Kingston Council, Ealing Council, London Sport and London Youth to use capoeira and its values to provide areas in the London borough with initiatives that support local communities.

If you are interested in knowing more about our project either to potentially fund it, partner with us in any way or to join our programme please do email for more details.

QMC CAPOEIRA UK @ Kingston Carnival 2018

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