History of School

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Quilombo Marcus Cabeça (QMC) - Escola de Capoeira was founded in 2016 by Contramestre Marcus Cabeça. It teaches the Contemporanea style of Capoeira, giving the students an understanding of all styles of Capoeira and all its aspects.

Our focus is on our students and their TALENTS, "walking" them through our mottos to maximize their potential. Our Mottos are represented in 6 main concepts > Strength - Dedication - Challenges - Belief - Trust - Transformation

We believe students are like a "seed" which will be planted and harvested becoming strong rooted seedlings and developing all the way to a mature Tree.

Prior to his school's formation, Contramestre Marcus Cabeça and his students were a part of Grupo Axé Capoeira led by Mestre Barrao. Contramestre Marcus Cabeça led the UK branch of the school known as Axé Capoeira UK for over 10 years.

Contramestre Marcus Cabeça and his school are very active in the community and have the full support of both Kingston and Ealing Councils for the projects they put forward and organise. Through his work Contramestre Marcus Cabeça has also gained the support of the local communities in the areas he teaches, especially the local businesses and organisations. The school is endorsed by a number of organisations and institutions, including London Youth, Kingston University, and the Cambridge Road Estate Residents Association.

Over the years Contramestre Marcus Cabeça's school has participated in a number of public events such as Notting Hill Carnival, International Youth Arts Festival (Europe's largest youth festival) and Kingston Carnival. The group is also known for organising its own Brazilian cultural shows as a conclusion to their annual Batizado (Graduation Ceremony) celebrations.

The school has also participated several times in the National All Styles competition (NAS) and successfully won many trophies in both the kids and adults categories, as well as 'Club of the tournament' in 2013.

Our Endorsements