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Inspiring, uncompromising, challenging training. Great for all levels, all ages. Come and discover capoeira!!

Mireille Forte, Student

Great school and community - I train with my 2 boys and we love it! Professor Marcus Cabeça is a commited capoeirista and a great coach and educator!

Ana Dunlop, Student

Great school with strong ethics in teaching ALL aspects of Capoeira, the self defence, music, culture and philosophy. I have experienced a lot in my first year and will no doubt discover more in the future!

Alex Lewis, Student

10 years on and I'm still training with Professor Marcus Cabeça and PMC Capoeira and still loving it! Every day I learn something new - about a movement, about history, about culture about myself... Capoeira and it's diversity of movement and activity is challenging but under the inspirational leadership and coaching at PMC Capoeira by Professor Marcus Cabeça it's also full of energy, motivation and people breaking their own boundaries. I couldn't recommend it more highly!

Anna Barker, Student

I started with Professor Marcus Cabeça over 6 years ago to get fit as my job didn't allow for much exercise. In a short time, I saw improvements in my health, fitness, flexibility and strength. The training is just not the same as other martial arts schools, and offers many more opportunities for improvement than any other martial art I've been involved in.

Paul Whiteley, Student

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