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UK Coaching Awards 2021

CM Marcus Cabeca - FINALIST!!!




ContraMestre Marcus Cabeca has been selected as Top 3 Community Coach for Children & Young People of the ENTIRE UNITED KINGDOM!!!!!! ;-) Check out his profile on -

It is the second time CM Marcus is selected to be a Finalist on the biggest Awards Celebration to Coaches in the UK - "UK Coaching Awards" from UK Coaching -

We Congratulate CM Marcus for his great work before, during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic on keeping his classes online and his members engaged and motivated.

This is a great achievement to our Leader and Coach as per quote in the UK Coaching Awards Website:

"Nearly three million people regularly coach across the UK and joining us in December will be the very best of what is a remarkable workforce, who have responded to the call of a nation who for so long were deprived of 'normal' physical activity and sport."

GOOD LUCK in the Final CM Marcus ;-)

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